Training for Facilitators

Enhance your facilitation results by combining different collaborative methodologies.

This training is an invitation to all facilitators, change enablers and all “people-centred professionals”. We designed it to help us spread the use of collaborative methodologies that have proven their value in fostering our ability to work better as a collective.

At the core of this training programa is our believe that one of the main building blocks of good group learning facilitation lays within the individual. The individual level of awareness and personal mastery to guide a group to deeper levels of awareness of self and others . So in this training we encourage authentic expression as a crucial competence that guide us to deeper levels of self awareness. A gate to deeper connection with our surroundings.


Here are some questions that guide this learning journey:

Why is authenticity a valuable competence to foster learning and collaboration?

What is group learning facilitation? Why is it important?

How does the level of commitment to personal development of a facilitator influences the facilitation process?

Which elements are need to draw and host deep processes of listening and dialogue in order to allow the emergence of collective intelligence?

How to generate open dialogue to unleash individual diversity and trigger collective action to give shape to new knowledge?

In this training we share ICOGN way of putting into use different theoretical structures and work methodologies. System Thinking is at the the core, together with Self Awareness and Authenticity.

Training for Facilitators

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