Learning Workshops

Achieve broader levels of understanding adding group-thinking dynamics to your measuring and monitoring activities.

Bring thinkers and doers together to share and learn around key performance indicators.

Don’t just announce results, ask for real feedback and aim for deeper data. Turn your HR survey results, quarterly financial results or any other performance announcement into opportunities to understand the real impact on people daily work.

These workshop are drawn upon the business facts and figures, and invite dynamic action to achieve better collective results.

Invite people to spot opportunities for improving results and strength commitment with any necessary adaptive-action. Work with what is, find common meanings and agree on the necessary collective action.

We host your group through a 4 steps investigative approach:

  1. What do we know?
  2. What do we think?
  3. What can we do?
  4. What will we do?

Group Size: 16 – 20